Fashion Among Friends’ initial mission is to assist you in maximizing space in your closet through movement, using supporting friends along the journey.  Our consultants provide professional organizing services and compatible products to meet your time-sensitive needs, for maximizing space in your home.

Stage 1 –  of the process is getting to know you. Do you know your body shape, color palette, style, and preferences? No worries our consultants can assist you in developing or fine tuning your profile.

Stage 2 –  of the process includes the purge. Letting go of garments and items which no longer flatter your figure and brighten your smile.  Friends can help on this part of the journey, providing humor through the dreaded process. Departing with the unwanted items may earn you money through consignment, if not, at least you may have earned your return on the investment from usage.

Stage 3 – of the process includes maintenance. Support is at your fingertips.  Fashion Among Friends consultants can assist with creating new processes and systems, then assist with updates for life changing events or routine upkeep.