Greeting Friends.  I am Tonette Davis a praticing fashion organizer.  My career started on the path of a process engineer.  During my first few years in the industrial field I combined my passion for fashion and love of  math and science. The union required me to become creative on my quests, to search for fashionable steel toe boots and long tops for tucking.  The journey was long and some time unsuccessful, yet each time I picked up details on how to select the proper fabric and cut. The task may appear simple since  the fabric and style choices were limited.   Enduring the hundred degree weather in breathable ensembles ensured the right choices were made.

A life changing event directed me onto another career path, teaching. The job requirements presented several new challenges. One of the key issues was determining  the proper footwear to adorn and handle eight hours pacing concrete.  Many styles were tested and a few could handle the challenge.  Those that failed, found themselves kicked under the desk by the fifth hour and replaced with the reliable sidekick, the flat. Besides the footwear challenge there were other obstacles with apparel to tackle.  The simplest feature, such as wearing button down or pullover came into play.  Buttons were primarily placed on structured garments to reveal an authoritative image, a required attribute when managing 25-30 young adults.  Most days the buttoned garment was picked to gain the admiration and respect of students,  when most towered over me.

Now as I continue inspiring students to break down algebraic concepts, I am confronted with several new decisions on updating my wardrobe to accommodate my new lifestyle.  Instead of pounding the concrete daily I am now pacing the padded carpet and pouncing into a plush office chair.  In this chair I search the internet to locate the right style and fabric for my fashion update, which requires modification of shopping patterns and re-evaluation of items currently in my closet.

Tonette Davis